Vance is real deal

To the Editor:

I believe that most common-sense voters in Shelby County have had it up to their eyeballs with the “woke” progressive agenda and the awful results it has yielded in every way for our country.

Whether it be teaching our kids that they are born racists, proclaiming that there is an unlimited number of human genders, absurd assumptions that electricity is created by magic, that our borders are just lines on a map, that all of the economic laws have somehow been repealed, etc., we all know this cannot continue without destroying our beloved nation.

In the upcoming U.S. Senate race the choice should be clear when we look at the facts. Tim Ryan has been trying to pass himself off as a “moderate” and not even admitting to being a Democrat if he can avoid it. All you have to do is check his record in the U.S. House to verify that he is a phony. He has been one of the most reliable votes that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden can count on for every issue.

Most of us are aware that, back in the early days of the 2016 campaign, J.D. Vance made some uncomplimentary remarks about Donald Trump. That has been used by his opponents to try to discredit his conservative bona fides. If we will go back to those early days in that year, many of us were not Trump supporters either due to his aggressive style and his blunt personality. I, myself did not vote for him in the Primary that year and he did not win Ohio. Of course, he did carry the state in the general election, perhaps viewed as the lesser of two evils by some.

It was only after observing Trump in office that we came to realize that he was really going to deliver on his “America First” promise and that his policies would deliver prosperity and gain us true respect on the world stage.

I have personally met J.D. Vance and I believe he is the “real deal.” I was present as he answered tough questions and found that his responses were exactly what I would expect from a genuine conservative. I will not go into detail in this limited format, but invite you to do your own research at or your favorite source.

We must hold this Senate seat. Do not fail to vote on Nov. 8.

Dennis York