Readers support Kennedy for Supreme Court

To the Editor,

We are writing to express our support for Justice Sharon L. Kennedy for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio. Justice Kennedy’s judicial philosophy is based on the Constitution, not personal feelings or political views. She says what the law says rather than what the law should be and decides only what is necessary to resolve the legal question before the court. With our support, she will continue to honor the Constitution by upholding the law, not creating it or legislating from the bench.

Justice Kennedy has over 37 years of service in the judicial system – as a police officer, trial court judge, and justice. She has garnered the solid foundation needed to serve our great state. She is trusted and fair and will work hard for Ohio.

As small-business owners in Allen County, we see a need for a Chief Justice we can count on to create and maintain a predictable environment for Ohio. Please join us in voting for the Ohio Republican Party’s endorsed candidate, Sharon Kennedy, on Election Day, Nov. 8.


Ken and Linda Rumbaugh