Writer reviews ballot candidates, issues

To the Editor:

We have two important decisions on the Nov. 8 ballot. One is Ohio Supreme Court Judges. We must vote for Judges Kennedy, Fischer and DeWine, or lose our Conservative majority in the court.

Case in Point: Ohio Supreme Court’s recent DuBose v. McGuffey decision shows what judicial activism is. The alleged defendant killed in Hamilton County, fled to Las Vegas, arrested and extradited back to Ohio, charged and given high bail. He appealed the high bond. The defendant fled before he was returned to Ohio, his grandmother gave deleterious testimony fearing him, and still the bail was lowered. Three Democrat Judges and one Republican Chief Justice consented to lowering bond. Three Republican judges had a dissenting opinion. With four Conservative judges, this man would not be out on bail. We need Justices Kennedy, Fischer and DeWine for Ohio Supreme Court. Read the decision below and see their dissenting opinions.


We are all very familiar with a case that involves Primary Redistricting Maps. They were drawn, redrawn, again and again. The final dissenting opinion in every instance was retiring Republican Chief Justice O‘Connor. The Primary dates were set and reset. The voters were confused and often unaware. The Ohio Supreme Court rejected four sets of legislative district maps as unconstitutional, a federal court ordered the state to implement the third set of invalidated maps for a special August primary. This cost the state $20 million. This resulted in low 5-10% voter turnout. It was the second-lowest turnout of any county in the state for that election, according to data from the Ohio Secretary of State. We need Justices Kennedy, Fischer and DeWine so this never happens again!

Our next decision needs to be communicated widely! It is State Issues #1 and #2. Both are Constitutional Amendments and are extremely important.

Vote yes State Issue 1: To require courts to consider factors like public safety when setting the amount of bail. (See above referenced DuBose case).

Vote yes State Issue 2: To prohibit local government from allowing non-electors to vote Currently, Article V, Section 1 of the Ohio Constitution reads “Every citizen of the United States … is entitled to vote at all elections.” This amendment would amend the section to “Only a citizen of the United States… is entitled to vote at all elections.”

These are important votes. Do your research. Sources attached. Educate family and friends. Vote Nov. 8.

Your vote counts,

H. R. Pence