To the Editor:

Noticed the bare shelves in the grocery stores?? Wonder why???

Farmers can not get supplies or workers to help. If they get help then there needs to be someone to produce the food and canneries to preserve it. if the food is ready there needs to be someone to drive it to destinations in a truck or other form of transportation. Then there needs to be people to work in the stock rooms and fill the shelves with the food.Then there needs to be someone at the cash registers.

If you are getting money from the government and choose not to work …. then look into your mirror. You are the reason for empty shelves.

If you are healthy both mentally and physically …. you should be working and filling those jobs.

I have checked and there are over one thousand job opening in our county.

We are on our way to starvation if you people do not get off your butts and work to help our county.

God be with us all.

Charmane L. Fogt