Give JD Vance a chance

To the Editor:

Well today (Oct. 11) is the first day of voting in Ohio. Just want to remind everyone to vote. This is a very important election for our state and our country. A six-year senate seat es very important. The way things are right now! I’m not going to ask anyone to vote for one side or the other. But do want anyone who votes to please research the candidate they are voting for.

We’ve got one fellow whose been in congress for 20 years. Please research one what he has done for 20 years for our state and our country. Then we have a fellow whose never been in politics, but who is a real impressive fellow who did serve our country in the Marines and has really worked hard for what he has done. I was really impressed with him after the Monday night debate!

I have just hated all the commercials I have watched. If you research them so many lies have been told to us. Then after just reading the new Buckeye Farm News and the Ohio Farm Bureau which has been since “1919” and the Ohio Right to Life, giving support to the new man on the block “JD Vance.” I believe we really need to give him a chance. We know what we will get with 20-year Tim Ryan.

But please do the research yourself. I feel we really got to get out of this reef we are in! With the support from most of our law enforcement for Mr. Vance, crime and wokeness is just out of control. I feel we just need new blood in our leadership. We know what has happened in the last 20 years. Let’s try to do better in the next 6 years. I do feel we need to give Mr. Vance a chance to make the changes we all need for ourselves, our families, our state and country.

Thank you and please vote this year!

Dick Vondenhuevel