Business leaders support King

To the Editor:

Angie King worthy of your vote.

Some things are worthy of our time and attention.

Voting is one of them. Voting allows us to have a voice to place our confidence towards the candidate who best represents and reflects the values of our communities as well as our own deeply held convictions.

Angie King is such a person.

Many have already given endorsements rightfully highlighting her many public service accomplishments and qualifications. I will let others do that. It’s been said “private victory precedes public victory,” that best describes a person who is the same person in public as they are in private. Angie King is such a person.

As a business owner in several area communities, our paths have crossed many times over and I have observed her character and actions to always be consistent with her words. She is a life-long public servant and leader. Her leadership abilities and determination would be a welcome asset to the Ohio House of Representatives as a notable conservative voice.

At a time where people ask-who will go and stand for us? I find Angie King ready and willing to say “Here I am. Send me.”

If you are looking for a candidate that will not fold under public pressure, …… Angie King is that person. I hope you will join my wife and I in voting for Angie King on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Jeff and Mary Monfort