Writer cast her vote for King

To the Editor:

Having personally observed, heard, and researched both candidates for State Representative District 84, in my opinion only one is being transparent about what she stands for, and that is Angie King. Angie will uphold the Constitution, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to legally bear arms as guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment. She has not caved in to “woke ideology,” but is firm in her support of parental rights and traditional family values.

Angie King has been a reputable county recorder, has served on the Celina City Council, and has been a voice at the state level for children who are hearing impaired. And while she is a proven mama bear for children who are already born, she has become a voice for babies before birth, too. Angie has earned the endorsement of not just one, but several prestigious pro-life and pro-family organizations. Her opponent has, on the other hand, opposed protection efforts for preborn children.

I voted early. My vote was cast for Angie King. For the good of our district, I hope yours will be, too.

Thank you.

Judy Bruns