Save America, vote Republican

To the editor:

It’s been long ago since I wrote a letter like this one. I’m regretful and ashamed for my choices years ago. Because I wasn’t well educated about many political issues.

Can John Q. Public not see the disasters the Biden administration is promoting? Higher taxes, higher grocery and gas prices, illegal immigrants pouring into our country, carrying not only dangerous drugs and weapons, but also admitting drug cartels and fugitives from the law! As if that isn’t enough democratic voters are Pro Abortion.

Many people know that I was a licensed nurse before I became very ill. Prior to becoming a nurse, I held many jobs in the medical field. One of those jobs was that of an anesthesia tech, at a certain hospital in Wisconsin. With my own eyes I witnessed many surgical procedures, including abortions! According to the web there are over 35 million abortions performed each year worldwide – 630 thousand performed in the US. A baby’s heart begins beating 22 days after conception. A baby feels pain in the first trimester less than 14 weeks after conception! In fact, doctors are now using anesthesia before abortion kills an infant. Yes, ladies it may be quote “your body your choice” but it is not your body you are destroying. That body is the separate God given miracle of your baby.

By engaging in pre-marital and unprotected sex, you should be consenting to the consequences of your behavior. Many people yearn for a child to love and cherish. It’s not your right to kill.

As I said previously, I have witnessed the horrifying acts of abortion. Many minority women use abortion as a substitute for birth control. When you witness a baby being “literally” torn apart out of his mother’s womb, you will never vote pro abortion ever again.

God bless and save our American. Vote Republican.

Victoria Robinson