There’s no justice for Sheba

To the Editor:

No justice for Sheba or any other dog this happens to unless I take them to court. It’s sad really because she wasn’t a person nobody cares she was “just a dog.”

The people lied to me and the vet when she arrived DOA. They said they were going to put the dog down for aggression after it killed my dog, that dog is still alive and the owners are still scum. Dog warden says she can’t do anything.

I didn’t call SPD they didn’t see anything. It was my first dog attack didn’t think to call them if I would have they would have delayed getting her to the animal hospital to have her put out of her misery because they would have wanted statements and all that. Sheba already suffered through the attack and then through watching her blood getting cleaned up before I got the call she had been attacked so calling the cops and making her suffer longer didn’t cross my mind.

And these people are still knowingly breeding that aggressive dog and its ok she can kill two more innocent animals or she can bite two people before she’s finally put down. The last time I spoke to the dog warden she mentioned part of the story is I let the murderer in my home, I know that warden that’s why the first letter to the editor I wrote I started with I let family move in ….. And I will never forgive myself I live with that regret every single day since i got the phone call on October 21st. Of the few people that I talked to regarding Sheba’s death they couldn’t do much but they were very patient with me, thank you SPD ……… dog warden don’t worry I will never call you again.

Lillie Young