FISH part of back-to-school shopping


To the editor:

There are a lot of families watching the calendar with interest. Parents looking forward to mid-August and the children not so much. School is only a month away. There are mothers and some fathers taking their children to the malls to shop for those perfect school items. When these new clothes, shoes and other accessories come home they may cause some crowded closets, dresser drawers and etc. As you go through those areas, making room for the new items, please consider donating the gently used, unwanted items to FISH. We also have parents and their children shopping at our shop. These parents may not be able to afford the prices at those big-box stores but they care as much for their children as any other family. These children are just as proud of their purchases as any one.

FISH is a small place with a big heart. We are trying to do our part to be a positive force to the citizens of Sidney and Shelby County. As chairman of FISH, I want to thank everyone that has supported us over the years; we wouldn’t be here without you. If you haven’t been to our shop, I invite you to visit us at 1128 W. Michigan S. If you are interested in doing some volunteer work during the day, please come in and talk with us. We are always looking to increasing our “FISH family” of volunteers. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Becky Gillman

FISH Chairman