Kudos to Congressman Jim Jordan on the Global Food Security Act

To the editor:

There is a saying, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Kudos to Congressman Jim Jordan and Congress for heeding this wisdom when crafting the Global Food Security Act, which passed the House and Senate with overwhelming support from both Republicans and Democrats.

This bill leverages America’s decades of agricultural expertise to help communities in developing countries become more food secure. The bill, which does not contain additional funding or increase funding, will educate small-scale farmers about sustainable land management and provides basic tools, such as weather information to help them plan their planting and harvests. Yet these simple efforts boost local production many times over and can make the difference between widespread hunger and an adequate food supply.

This is the path toward a more stable world, where lack of food and skyrocketing prices no longer leave millions hungry and angry — susceptible to the call of any so-called revolutionaries or jihadists who promise three square meals. The U.S. will benefit from increased national security and even long-term budget savings as we are asked to intervene less often in regions torn apart by unrest.

Instilling sustainable agricultural practices is also the right approach for reducing reliance on food and disaster assistance over time. It is a good strategy for containing federal spending without walking away from our national security concerns and moral commitments. As a full time farmer sensitive to times when Congressman Jordan has been timid with his support of agriculture, it’s only fair to give him a shout out when, in my judgment, he makes the right call. I commend Congressman Jim Jordan for supporting this bill and propelling it through Congress.

Christopher R. Gibbs