Our freedom in jeopardy over political correctness

To the editor:

I am concerned about the way that much of the reporting about the so-called “bathroom bills” seems to be more about manipulating public opinion than bringing the truth to light.

For instance, how much tax money has been spent promoting the LGBTQ agenda? Is the Obama administration’s commitment to the LGBTQ movement in terms of government mandates and federal funds an appropriate role for the federal government? Their recent threat to pull funds from states and institutions who are trying to accommodate transgender demands while providing common sense privacy for all their citizens seems to be in contradiction to the intent of Title 1X. About a dozen states are taking the federal government to court over this issue. It is unfortunate that they should have to do so.

It is also unfortunate that the media and entertainment industries which form many of our cultural values focus on certain stories which tend to distort reality. Is it helpful to “glamorize” the transgender lifestyle? What about the emotional and physical complications which are involved? What about healing options for those suffering from sexual confusion? What about the difficulties arising from the notion that it is “discrimination” to question the right of a biological male who “self-identifies” as a woman to have access to shower and dorm rooms designated for women?

Why is it that only certain people and certain messages get treated with “tolerance?” Those who disagree or question whether a certain law is valid are often labeled as “intolerant” or mocked in cartoons.

Maya Dillard Smith who leads a state chapter of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) recently resigned. She took her elementary school age daughters into a woman’s restroom; three transgender young adults with deep voices entered. It frightened her family and brought up questions she was ill prepared to answer. Dillard Smith describes herself as “progressive” and “unapologetically black.” She resigned from the ACLU because she said she cannot go along with their transgender legal agenda. Dillard Smith is not a “bigot;” she is a parent concerned for the safely of her children.

Because it is the truth that sets us free, I am increasingly concerned that our freedom is in jeopardy as we surrender truth for political correctness.


Mary C. Schmiesing