We support Sidney City School’s Permanent Improvement Levy

To the editor:

We support the five year, 3.0 mill Permanent Improvement Levy for the Sidney City School District on our August 2 ballot as an investment in our community. This PI Levy (for long term improvements such as building and grounds) will stretch the operating funds and help everyone take a longer range view for our school system. It will reflect the pride we have in our school district by extending the life our aging buildings. There is little doubt that a school system sets the value of its community.

Wise management by our school administration and board with continued support from our teachers and staff has positioned our school district in excellent financial condition. This Permanent Improvement Levy, which is limited to five years, will help our community hold the precious gains that have been made in the past few years. With the Sidney City School District in order, it is a great time to plan for its future.

Soni and Bill Warner