Appalled at flag burning

To the editor:

Nothing makes me more sad and mad, simultaneously, than the act of vandalism. People work darn hard this day and age to own a vehicle and a home only to wake up and find them to be spray painted or damaged in some other fashion by some low life that has nothing better to do with their time equally bad, if not worse, is finding out a loved one’s gravesite stone has been tipped over, damaged or thievery from the plot.

It took my husband and I many years of hard work to achieve what we have in life. We both worked full time jobs all of our lives and raised two children. In recent years I have retired, but he is still working. We stayed very busy throughout our lives and stayed out of trouble. What we do have didn’t happen over night and maybe that’s why we are proud of our accomplishments. I was taught from a very young age to not only respect my personal possessions but definitely the things that belonged to others.

With a broken heart, I read in the Sidney Daily News (July 14th edition) that a U.S. flag has been set on fire right here in our all American City of Sidney. Getting back to what I just said, whoever the perpetrator(s) was/were, I hope they get caught. Obviously, they don’t know the value of that flag. I am not speaking of monetary value, but what that flag symbolizes — I am referring to the freedoms that flag means. We owe so much to our veterans who have served this country in the past, are currently serving or who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can have the freedoms we enjoy. When that flag gets trampled on or burnt, in this case, you are trampling on and burning the soul of those who have and are protecting you. I live by the adage, “America, love her or leave her.” I am appalled to say the least over this senseless and disrespectful act of vandalism. Anyone caught committing a crime like this should be deported, as far as I am concerned. What on earth is wrong with people anymore? Hope to hear some more thoughts from other readers on this topic.

Thanks for allowing me to comment on this subject and I will end this with a big God Bless America!

Michelle Brown