Civil Disobedience

To the editor:

There have been times in our history where it was brother against brother in life’s struggle. Family feuds, Civil War and shots fired in arguments over difference of opinion about how things should and shouldn’t be and whose wrong. History is never wrong because it always looks backwards, this is not so, even there are disagreements in what happened and what opinion the writers of the events and views by the historians. Even the justice system is a backward system where evidence is gathered; opinions are formed and then presented to a jury by a member of the court as to the validity of the information presented.

Our whole system of government is based upon the presumption of innocence until proven guilty of a violation of trust, law and or crime by a jury of our fellow citizens. Trouble starts when this JUSTICE system of government fails as it recently has.

First the rush to judgment by the public; in many cases in the old west was quick and deadly stoked by misinformation. It has not changed much the public is lead to believe by a media that seeks social justice for past transgressions or perceived transgressions. Misinformation is generated by eyewitness story of what they want the public to believe to be true. Most of the time they are half-truths and at worst outright false but again the media wants to rush to judgment to be the first to report the story.

When elements of our society that operate on the gray side of the law and or want to be seen as neglected or owed better treatment than they are getting social justice become their cry. Civil Disobedience is utilized to focus attention on the issue to be brought to the attention of the masses and government. Many good causes have brought the attention of the public through this method of Civil Disobedience. Not always to the delight of the government or its leadership; in fact the courts have made errors in judgments in the past, as have the media opinions. Always it has been a RUSH to judgment not waiting for the facts to be gathered or following the wrong information.

OUR currant issues are simply a breakdown of the justice system and the rush to judgment of misinformation by the MEDIA. This 24-hour news system needs to be tweaked and immediate coverage of perceived social injustice halted until the full picture is developed. Coverage of destruction of property and violation of Civil Disobedience by gangs and thugs needs to end now. Government persons or parties need to seek justice before they make a opinion on a issue available to the media. Misinformation is readily available from many sources and facts take just a few measures of time to be brought to the front.

The system of justice must start at the highest level of government and violators of the system must be presented to a jury for their judgment and not by some member of the government. People good or bad will notice the Justice system is NOT and have or have not issue that ALL people are equal under the law. MAYBE JUST MAYBE then folks will start to respect the laws of this land and those that enforce them.

When the media start pushing for the enforcement of laws against the criminal element and stop the killing of our children by gangs and thugs we as a country will return to be civilized law abiding Americans. Until this approach is started we will have thugs and gangsters running the streets looting, destroying property, killing and misleading a gullible 24-hour news media. But then who wants a civil society that projects and cares for the people next door and safety for our children.

For the sake of our honored dead that fought for the freedom this country has held for 240 years and counting. For all those that have served to keep the freedom and rights established by the United Stated Constitution it is necessary for WE the People to respect our laws and those that enforce them. Now, if we just could get those leadership folks in D.C. and thought out this nation to take up OUR Cause.

Where is that 24-hour media? Up in Cleveland! Why would anyone want to go to Cleveland? Oh they are hoping for riots by the thugs destroying property and killing people, oh yes, Civil Disobedience. I am just a little tired of this type of behavior from a small segment of people that think America OWES them more that they have EARNED.

I don’t care if they visit the White House 50 more times it is time to EARN a living and it is past time to STOP THIS ASSAULT ON OUR POLICE.

May GOD bless the United States of America.

Take care and God’s blessings be upon all of you.

Kirby Clark