FISH appreciates needed back to school supplies

To the editor:

Can you believe it — summer of 2016 is almost a memory. Fall is just around the corner and all the schools are now back in session for another great year. For some students it was exciting but others it was not so much. Part of that feeling was because their parents were struggling to provide their child with the needed supplies. FISH was able to help with that problem, thanks to the tremendous response we received from the community. We had a lot of book bags given to us, one couple bought us an entire case of new bags. So many people brought us other items that were on the required list of supplies needed. I wish you could have seen the faces of the children we were able to provide these items to – grins from ear to ear. One little girl that was going into kindergarten came in with her mother for a needed food order, not realizing we were doing the school supplies.When I told her she could pick out the things she needed for school she was so excited. I then asked if she wanted to pick out needed things for her older sister and brother, you would have thought I offered her the world. I am sure these students started their first day of school on a more positive note than they would have without the help of the many people that are supporters of FISH. Her mother was very appreciative of this help and wanted me to thank everyone that made this possible for her children.

I know that there are no other counties around whose citizens are as willing to help others as Shelby County. FISH certainly appreciates every one that makes it possible for us to provide a hand up to the struggling families in our community. The entire “FISH family” (our volunteers) want to thank everyone that makes our work easier!

Blessings and love to all of you.

Becky Gillman

FISH Director