Stop taking pictures on train tracks

To the editor:

I am asking the people who are taking senior class photos on the CSX Railroad tracks to please stop doing so. I can’t count the numbers of professional photographers I’ve seen “escorting” their customers onto the tracks and down toward the Big Four Bridge for a senior class photo. First off, it’s dangerous. You have no idea how fast those trains are moving, and if you’re out in the middle of the Big Four Bridge, you can’t run fast enough to get to safety. Second, you’re trespassing on railroad property. The railroad police and the Sidney police will arrest you for that if they catch you. There are enough stories of people misjudging the speed of an oncoming train. If you’re standing too close to the tracks, a loose piece of equipment or cargo on the train can slice you very quickly and the train crew won’t even know it happened.

Joseph A. Clark