Vote Trump for pro-life

To the editor:

Those of us who believe that abortion destroys a human life and that it is a worthwhile endeavor to protect life at every stage of development are always searching for ways to restore respect for life in our culture and government.

Some people don’t understand why that’s so important, but once a person understands that the right to life is the foundation upon which other rights are built, it makes sense that it should be a priority issue. Marriage, the family, religious freedom, and the economy are all connected.

The election of pro-life , pro-family candidates at all levels of government is important. That includes the president because whoever is elected will appoint Supreme Court candidates; issue executive orders; present legislation; and appoint numerous cabinet members and other employees of the government.

The candidate and platform of the Democratic Party support not only abortion on demand, but also taxpayer-funded abortion. Their candidate has pledged continuing tax money for Planned Parenthood, the largest pro-abortion group in the country.

A majority of Americans do not support unrestricted abortion or tax money for abortions. See to find out why this may be the case.

The platform of the Republican Party is pro-life. Their candidate has provided a list of Supreme Court candidates who will rule according to the constitution rather than trying to create new laws with their decisions. He hired a pro-life campaign manager. He opposes abortion on demand and federal funding of abortion. Planned Parenthood says that if he is elected, they will lose their tax money for abortion. Those are all good reasons to vote for Donald Trump.

Mary C. Schmiesing