Family seeks photos of paintings


To the editor:

In the Wednesday, Aug. 19, edition of the SDN there was an article about the Gateway Arts Council art exhibit titled, “GAC exhibit honors artist friendship.” The article is about the friendship of two artists through the years. The artists are Dotty Arnie and Ray B. Warren.

Unfortunately the article listed one artist by the wrong name. His name is Ray Warren not Robert Warren as the article stated.

The article is a nice retrospective of Dotty and Ray’s friendship through the years and it is nice to see them displaying their paintings together again.

I hope you will go to the Gateway Arts Council to see the paintings of Dotty Arnie and Ray Warren. The exhibit is open until the end of August.

Ray Warren’s family is putting together a pictorial of his paintings and we would like it to be as complete as possible. In his lifetime he completed over 500 paintings. If you or anyone you know has a painting by Ray B. Warren we would very much like to have a photograph of his work. We would ask that you take a picture of the painting, without flash, and email to On the back of the painting there could be a number and a date; if that information could be sent along with the photo that would be wonderful. We are interested in any stories you have as well.

We hope you enjoy the art exhibit.

The family of Ray B. Warren,

Theresa Naseman and Janet Langley, daughters