Coffield receives endorsement

To the editor:

This is to commend Mr. John Coffield to the citizens of Shelby County as your next Treasurer.

Although I have known the previous generation of the Coffield family for more than fifty years, I first met John when he came to work for Bank One in 1978, shortly after graduating from Miami University.

It was immediately obvious, even at his young age at the time, that he was intelligent, very well organized, and had a very strong work ethic. To top it off, I must admit that he had a clever sense of humor that helped to create the special workplace that we enjoyed, and that I still marvel at these many years later.

We worked together for more than 15 years until our paths diverged as I moved on to another employer and John was transferred to the bank’s credit card division in Columbus.

Although we occasionally made contact over the years, it was only upon John’s early retirement from the bank that we began working together again within the local Republican party. I was delighted to see that those same positive traits, first recognized many years ago, have only improved with time.

As part of his election committee, I have watched John organize a very honest and energetic campaign. He has worked hard, sought advice when needed, and made the difficult decisions without hesitation.

I have taken note of John’s active participation in the community and also of his caring devotion to George (his father) as age was slowing him down. Beyond that, I have seen his consideration for his two special brothers. That is not something John would ever brag about but it speaks to the strength of his character.

As a past public office holder in this county who is careful about my own reputation, I do not offer my endorsement unless I believe that a candidate will be an exemplary public servant. I feel entirely confident in endorsing John Coffield for Treasurer in the upcoming election.

Denny York