Vote “Yes” for the PI levy on Nov. 8

To the editor:

I started kindergarten in 1952 at Lowell Elementary, which at that time was a new school. I graduated from Sidney High in 1965, which at that time was a new school. Except for the middle school, these schools are now almost as old as I am. They require a lot of upkeep.

My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles saw the need for new schools and stepped up to the plate and voted to build them.

From 1968 until 2009, Sidney schools had a permanent improvement levy. In order to help get the operation levy passed, the school board let the PI levy expire. Now is the time to implement the PI levy again. The general fund cannot continue to carry this load.

The fact: the new PI levy will only cost $35 more per year for a house valued at $100,000 than the cost in 2009.

My husband and I have two grandchildren that have recently graduated from Sidney High and another one at the middle school and one more in elementary. We know first hand what a good school system Sidney is. Our grandchildren have thrived both academically and socially.

It’s time for all of us to step up to the plate and pay it forward. Vote “Yes” on Nov. 8!

Patti Puckett