Vote for Donald Trump

To the editor:

Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will determine the makeup of the Supreme Court for the next generation or two.

Mr. Trump wants judges who will interpret the Constitution as it was written, and adhere to it purpose as the guiding principle of our nation. Our nation is held together by nothing more than our agreement to follow its tenants.

Mr. Trump wants to preserve the Second Amendment and our freedom of religion.

Mrs. Clinton wants to use the Supreme Court to further progressive causes. Should she succeed, our rights to self-defense will be weakened, and no unborn baby will be safe from being aborted regardless of its stage of development.

Mr. Trump emphasizes our safety and economic strength. Mrs. Clinton offers an array of politically correct policies that will hamper our personal and national safety.

Many rights and matters of national security are at stake. Do not be distracted by the shouting and media spin. Vote for Donald Trump to keep America, free, safe and strong.

Terry Pellman