Vote for Coffield for Shelby County Treasurer

To the editor:

Fiscally conservative Republican nominee, John Coffield, is running for Shelby County Treasurer.

I’m voting for him and I’d like to ask you to consider doing the same. Here is why:

John is qualified, capable, and committed. He has the professional finance experience and fresh ideas necessary to make a difference. He is honorable, hardworking, and civic/service minded. He has outstanding organizational, communication, and of course, finance skills. His focus on service is exemplary. My knowledge of this comes from serving with him in the Sidney Kiwanis Club. Although he has served as president for two terms and is the current lieutenant governor, this is not why I am impressed. I’m impressed because he stays on top of things, he gets things done, and he doesn’t let things slip between the cracks. His sound management practices are evident in everything he gets involved with.

John gives his time generously. He has been actively involved with the Aktion Club and has served on countless committees. John is one of the most outstanding communicators I’ve ever known. He makes sure that people get the information they need in a timely manner. You will not see a Kiwanis event that John isn’t physically present at. He is encouraging, has a great sense of personal responsibility, stays focused, not only on the job at hand, but also on what’s coming ahead. John has vision, resolve, and energy to get things done.

Thank you for considering John Coffield — your vote counts.

DiAnne Karas