Vote “Yes” on Nov. 8 for PI levy

To the editor:

I am a recent graduate from the Sidney High School Class of 2016. I attended Sidney City Schools for my whole school career, along with my brother who did the same and was a graduate from the Class of 2010.

I started school in Whittier Elementary, then moved to Northwood Elementary, then to Sidney Middle School, and lastly Sidney High School. My time at Sidney has taught me many lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life. I have met some of my best friends here that I will keep for life. I excelled academically and my brother excelled athletically. We are grateful for these opportunities presented to us because of Sidney City Schools.

These schools will always have a special place in my heart. The sad thing is, the physical parts of these school buildings are crumbling. The general fund cannot continue to provide for all of the upkeep that is needed for these school buildings.

This levy is very important for the atmosphere of the kids coming up through these schools. This levy does NOT impact the salary of faculty or staff. The funds generated by this levy can only go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the school buildings, buses, textbooks, technology, and school grounds.

Having gone through all of these schools. I know how it feels to be sitting upstairs in the high school in a hot room trying to pay attention to a class with fans running and sweat dripping. It is hard for a high-schooler to concentrate, let alone a child in an elementary school.

I strongly urge voters to take the time to learn the facts about this PI levy and what exactly this money will be going toward. We cannot have a thriving town without a thriving school system.

Everyone needs to step up and vote “Yes” on Nov. 8!

As always, Go Jackets!

Bobbi Lowe