Our nation is at a crossroad

To the editor:

Our nation is at a crossroad — in one direction there is freedom, opportunity, and hope — in the other direction there is big government control and loss of liberty.

With the opening from Judge Scalia’s death, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) could possibly appoint four Supreme Court Justices. Her Supreme Court would tear apart the Constitution to satisfy a global progressive-socialist agenda. HRC is a threat to all things that make America great.

May 2016, Donald Trump released the name of 11 potential Supreme Court Justices based on their Constitution principles, input from respected Conservatives and Republican Party leadership. HRC has not mentioned any possible candidates, but has repeatedly threatened our Second Amendment rights.

Remember this — we get a president every four to eight years, but a Supreme Court Justice lasts a lifetime. I urge you to Vote Trump to make America great again.

William Zimmerman, running for Ohio Third District Court of Appeals, was twice elected probate and juvenile judge. In 2012, he was appointed, to serve on a Task Team by Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Maureen O’Conner.

Thirty-seven years experience as an attorney, the last seven as a judge, provides him with the necessary working knowledge of the law required of an appeals judge.

The Supreme Court hears fewer than 100 cases a year. The federal courts below the Supreme Court, decide tens of thousands of cases a year. In effect, many lower court rulings are the final word on our rights, making the selection of these judges “who are appointed for life” extremely important. There are 13 judicial circuits, each of which contains a court of appeals. Select Zimmerman for Conservative Judge of Ohio Third District Court of Appeals.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and will never be.” -Thomas Jefferson

Wise words from a Founding Father. Lilli Vitale, candidate for State Board of Education, believes, ”I support policies that allow teachers to use individualized approaches, so students become life-long learners.” She has extensive knowledge of K-12 curriculum, diverse experience in private, public and home education, with 11 years teaching experience. Supports local control of education. Pro-life, pro-family and opposes Common Core. She is endorsed by Citizens for Community Values and Conservative Republican Leadership Committee. It is vital to vote Vitale for District 1 State Board of Education.

H. R. Pence