Thank you to Good Samaritans

To the editor:

Please help me say a big “thank you” to the two men and young women who came to my aid last Monday when I ran out of gasoline on Russell Road. How embarrassing to turn the corner off Vandemark Road and suddenly find oneself adrift in the middle of two lanes of traffic, and the car refuses to move. My mind just went blank with panic!

Then these two wonderful gentlemen risked their own safety to guide and push my car over to the curb, without me having to get out of my seat! I am so thankful for their help!

Now the other cars could get by, and at least two others paused to ask “are you OK?” Though I never actually saw the two who helped me, I am quite sure they too came back by to check that I had found further assistance.

With a cellphone and a AAA membership, further help was prompt in coming! And Speedway on St. Marys Avenue had a customer very quickly!

What a great community we here in Sidney; and what a wonderful example of love and caring those two men showed in that moment. Bless you both; I am forever grateful!

Farrel Kaplan