Vote for Trump

To the editor:

Why we can and should vote for Trump.

Many people say they don’t know if they will vote this year, as neither candidate appeals to them. However, look at the candidate’s policies.

America is facing some extremely important issues. First, our security. ISIS and illegal immigrants who are not vetted pose a serious threat to Americans. Mrs. Clinton botched up Bengazi and also put our nation’s security at great risk by using a private email server. Mr. Trump wants to defeat ISIS and restore our military to greatness. Second, Obamacare is proving to be a disaster to our health care system! So many of us have lost our choice of doctors, hospitals, insurance plans, and our premiums have increased tremendously. Trump wants to repeal Obamacare; Clinton will grow it. Third, religious freedom for Christians, families, and the unborn are under continual attack. Isn’t it common sense that if we promoted strong family units much of the poverty, criminal and welfare issues would improve? Fourth, education. Most people don’t realize that in the last five years the government has almost totally taken control of our educational system with the implementation of Common Core! The government is dictating what and how our children read and learn in school. Talk to parents, teachers, and principals who witness kids struggling with math (for starters) and all of the “teaching to the tests” that our schools do. Fifth, class warfare, racism, poverty, and welfare are continuing to increase significantly. This discontent isn’t happening by itself; it is intentional in order to divide us.

We are tired of the politicians, who are forever promising to change things each election. This may be the only chance we have to elect someone who has the potential and the ability to really make changes that will “Make American Great Again!” Donald Trump recognizes, as we do, that America is not on a good path! Maybe we need to elect someone like Trump who is not “politically correct” and who may act like a bully. Although he is far from perfect, I believe that he, not another career politician, is who we need at this moment in time to demand change in Washington DC and to deal with our enemies throughout the world.

Tara Adams