Vote YES for our schools

To the editor:

I want a Target to open in Sidney. I want more businesses with well-paying jobs to move to Sidney. I want more tax dollars to pay for streets, parks, police, and fire/rescue. In short, I want what most residents of Sidney want … for Sidney to be better. None of these things can happen, however, unless we build upon and improve the cornerstone of our community … OUR SCHOOLS. One of the things that people and businesses look at when considering where to move is the strength of the school system. Please join me in voting FOR the Sidney school levy on Nov. 8. This levy will provide needed funding for improvements to HVAC, lighting, technology, and facilities for Sidney, Holy Angels, and Christian Academy students. For only $2.20/week (on $100k property), we can provide a better education for our kids, make their facilities safer and more secure, and attract businesses to Sidney. Please join me in voting for the future of our children and our city … Join me in voting YES for our schools.


Greg Miller