Thanks for great care at Wilson


To the editor:

I got my blood drawn at Wilson Health lab and got a call about one half hour later from my doctor’s office. I was to rush right back to the hospital’s third floor for blood transfusions. I was in critical condition with low blood count — go to third floor and they would be waiting for me.

Confused and scared, my son-in-law to me to the hospital where my daughters were waiting. I was rushed to the third floor and they were all ready for me. The room started to fill with nurses, pct’s, where they proceeded to start getting on my gown and rolled in carts where bags of medicine were hanging — starting an IV immediately.

I was so confused, sick, and scared and then it happened. Nurses became like family, male and female. They started to explain what they were doing and why they had to do it. There was no time to explain ahead of time I was in critical condition.

One nurse got down on her hands and knees by my bed as I cried and they put in the IV. I am very hard to do. One nurse stayed past his working hours to see that the third transfusion was put in correctly and timed perfect. Another nurse knew I liked cheese curls and I was so hungry. When he went out for supper, he bought me cheese curls. Can you imagine such a nice gesture ? But of course the “no food” sign was out — time for more tests, but to think he thought of me was wonderful. Also there was a small-built nurse who was with me almost continuously. I needed help, she was there. I needed medicine, she was there. She was little but seemed 10 feet tall. She had so much compassion.

Cannot name the great doctors that did my tests; they were gentle, caring and kind, soft-spoken and would listen to my questions. I knew what was happening at all times.

I appreciated my care at Wilson Health and the people, most of them, were very caring, understanding and patient. I feel the staff that took care of me were wonderful and they made me as comfortable as possible. There is always a few minor hangups but we are human, not God. These people are a blessing to us old and frail.

God bless all.

Charmane Fogt