The unwritten letter

To the editor:

For some time now I have been submitting letters in hopes that they would bring some enjoyment, a smile, some hope, even brighten-up one’s bad days. Unfortunately, an idea has been eluding me for some time, now.

I decided that I needed to clear my mind. I packed-up my camping gear and made my way to a nearby campground for a weekend. After setting up my site, I sat for a while, studying the area, gathering my thoughts. The leaves were showing there fall colors, as well as a little bit of chill in the air.

I decided to take a walk hoping to gather some ideas. I met a couple coming my way. They were an older couple holding hands, as if one knew that the other may soon be called to a better place.

As I continued my journey, I noticed a youngster with his dad enjoying an afternoon of fishing. I then heard, “Daddy, I got one. Look, Mommy.” What a proud moment that was. I continued and met a couple pushing a baby stroller, but a stroller built for three — yes, triplets. I felt sorry for that boy because the other two were girls.

A little further in my walk, I heard a clanging sound against the blacktop. As I grew closer, there I met some parents with their little freckle-faced, pig-tails girl trying her best to master her bicycle and those training wheels that we all remember.

I then came upon two large rocks that one could sit on and just dream the day away. I paused for a moment because of the two Evergreens, the sky and the rocks, which made for a fantastic picture frame for a beautiful sunset. All you could hear were the waves crashing against the rocks and some geese in the distance.

Darkness quickly settled in, so I made my way back to my campsite. I took my supper and sat and studied the people around me, each with a story to tell, a life to live.

For everything I saw that weekend, an idea did not come forth. It seemed like that campground and the people within it was transforming in a state of slow motion in which they were eliminated form the everyday problems of everyday living.

Although I didn’t find story to tell, I did find peace inside me with God.

John Flaute