Reader takes exception with newspaper editorial


To the editor:

In my opinion, somebody at Sidney Daily News stepped over the line with the recent editorial, which tried to ascribe political implications to the lack of attendance by local officials at a recent appearance by Sen. (Sherrod) Brown in Shelby County.

As many readers know, I retired from public office here in Shelby County earlier this year and I take serious exception to the inference that partisan politics plays a significant role in everyday local government here. Yes, there is a healthy amount of campaigning at election time but it does not carry over into the daily business of the various offices.

During my eight years in office, I was an active participant in the process of getting the people’s work done. Never during that time did I observe an action (or inaction) in county government driven primarily by party politics from either side of the fence. Although I can’t speak directly for the city, I don’t see it happening there either.

I’ll let others respond to why Mr. Brown’s visit was not attended this time but I will point out that Sen. (Rob) Portman and Rep. (Jim) Jordan have visited the county on numerous occasions over the years and I don’t remember anybody at the newspaper keeping score of who was (or was not) in the audience.

In the future, I would hope that you will reserve your “sadness,” your “anger” and your “embarrassment” for a problem that really exists.

Denny York