Changes to Court Street not a good idea

To the editor:

I did not see the article in the paper about city fathers discussing about reducing East and West Court Street down to a single lane to build a bike-way. How idiotic is this! How many thousands of dollars will this cost the taxpayers? I may be missing something here, as I haven’t seen that many bicycles along that stretch that they need a better and bigger road. I have had to pay to have my sidewalk repaired and I had to pay to have my curb repaired and now they have money for this stupid idea. Give some of this money back to the taxpayers instead of wasting it on such a crazy idea. How many curbs and sidewalks would this money repair.It takes a lot of idle time to think up an idea like this, maybe someone is not doing their job description as well as it should be done. This would cause a great traffic backup.

Jim Kauffman,