Questions about proposed state Route 47 changes

To the editor:

I am trying to completely understand Sheryl Roadcap’s article on proposed state Route 47 changes from Fourth Avenue to Walnut Avenue. It would be helpful if the News showed a map. We would also like to know what official implied that if you are against this proposal, then you don’t like change. Certainly, most all of us agree finding ways to beautify Sidney is positive.

My first impressions: I’ve driven on many roundabouts and you need to exercise a high degree of caution when both entering and when in one. I wonder how many will use the bike paths? Does this mean after the traffic light on Fourth Avenue heading downtown we will need to merge from two lanes to one? That would be fun, and it will back-up traffic. Mr. Sturm’s question was also interesting. Please picture semi’s when navigating a one-lane roundabout.

We all agree accident prevention is important. If that is the goal, we should hear recommendations from Chief Balling. If the goal is to reduce accidents, we could add more traffic lights, more stop signs and reduce the speed limit. As an example, for many years we did not dare exceed the speed limit in Port Jefferson. I learned the hard way. At first I thought the article may have been written on April 1, but sarcasm aside, this may be a perfectly sane proposal, but we need to fully understand implications first.

Rich Turner