Pro-choice? Pro-life

To the editor:

This past Saturday, we watched as 1 million +/- (??????) women took part in a march billed as a pro-woman demonstration. I am sure there were many good women there who were embarrassed by the vulgar nature of the proceedings, not to mention the pro-life women who were not permitted to participate. It became very clear what the march was all about “pro-abortion.” How any sane woman could be so selfish as to kill her own child is beyond me. Science is quite clear on the subject. It is very simple “nothing grows if it is not living”!!!!!!!!!! Life begins at the moment of conception. (Scientists have discovered that at the moment of conception, when the sperm meets the egg, a bright flash of light is emitted. This is being described, contrary to the pro-abortion propaganda, as happening at “the very moment that a new life begins.”) — see reference below. Roe v wade was established on lies and misinformation and with left-leaning judges continues today. It is time to wake-up and realize abortion is “murder of the worst kind” against helpless individuals.

What it boils down to is men and women not taking responsibility for there own actions “free-choice.” If you can’t control your sexual desire, do something about it!

If you find yourself pregnant through no fault of your own there is always adoption. There is never ever an excuse for abortion! Never.

* Human eggs emit zinc sparks at moment of fertilization; bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg.

Wayne Krebs