Sad that vet trips ending


To the editor:

As we pull into the Shelby County Fairgrounds this evening, it is with profound sadness that I am thinking that this could be our last trip for our Vets to D.C. group. When we left town three days ago, our veterans were told what to expect. However, they weren’t told what to feel. Many of our Vietnam veterans were going to “The Wall” for the very first time with great trepidation. “How will I feel?” “Will this trigger too many memories that I cannot control?” “Will I cry in front of my fellow soldiers?”

Upon reaching their destination, most find that it’s OK to cry in front of others within our group. It’s safe here! We are family and support you. None of the fears have come to fruition.

Now, along with many many awesome volunteers, some who go and others behind the scenes, we are able to take veterans to see their memorials. Additionally, for a very brief moment, we are able to honor them and give to them just a very small token of appreciation for the service that they have given to our country. Some veterans say … But I can’t afford it. Not an excuse! Free to the vet! Some say … But I only served stateside … Not an excuse! Someone had to do it! No matter what your role in the military, no matter if you think you don’t deserve it … WE think you do! No matter if you think it wasn’t a big deal, WE think it was!

But, as I said, what saddens me the most is that we are no longer going to be going. Why? We have no veterans that have come forward to express interest in going anymore. I for one am just not ready to see this great thing end! For the veterans that I have had the honor of serving, each of you hold a special place in my life and I thank you.

Jane Schweitzer