Heroin epidemic needs addressed by local churches

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in heaviness of heart to address the churches in our area. My heart has been heavy because of the hopelessness we see invading our city through heroin addiction. It is a serious, serious problem, and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed by those in our community who know the one and only true answer to this problem, Jesus Christ. It’s time for God’s people to get outside the buildings made with brick and mortar that divide us and do what Jesus commissioned us to do.

We must come together in unity of Spirit, because we all have the same common goal and purpose. Every believer in Christ is commissioned to go into the entire world (your community) to share the good news of the gospel. Truth is, for the most part, people are not interested in coming to our church buildings to find out how much we know until they see how much we care. This terrible epidemic doesn’t just find its way into one particular genre of people; it could be lurking at anyone’s back door.

The whole truth of the matter is this: The love of God in our hearts should be driving us to reach these people. They are hurting, and they are reaching for everything possible to fill that God shaped hole in their heart; looking for fulfillment in things only to find they are lacking more. Only Christ can give them the fulfillment they so desperately seek. Jesus never sat in a building waiting for hurting people to come to Him — he went to where they were. If we say we have hope, but we never go out and share it, then how will people ever know the hope we have?? Think about it!!

Nina Byler