Thanks for reminders of hope

To the editor:

Oftentimes, it is challenging to remain positive when there is so much “bad” in the world. Every single day we read and hear of killings, violence, addictive drugs, unused potential, dishonesty and lack of moral behaviors. We also see the serious consequences that happen because of these negative choices.

Sometimes the effects are seen on the internet or in the newspaper and are far away from us. Sometimes the effects are seen in our local towns, communities and sadly in our own homes. When I read two things that were published in the Sidney Daily News recently, I received hope — the hope being that there are still folks in the world who know what it takes to combat the evil that is ever encroaching our lives and stealthily seeping into our homes.

Tom Dunn, superintendent of the Miami County Educational Service Center, and Birdy Gambrel, who was asked a question by Sidney’s “Inquiring Photographer,” both shared their opinions as to what would help the world. The thing they stated that is needed most is mothers and fathers. Well, you might say, the world is filled with mothers and father and you would be right. The fact is that most adults become mothers and fathers, but simply fulfilling the role from a biological standpoint is not what I believe they were talking about.

Mr. Dunn and Ms. Gambrel were talking about intentional, involved and caring mothers and fathers. They were talking about people who are willing to actually teach, nurture and love a child, people who are willing to sacrifice for a child and people who are willing to prioritize a child. They were talking about people who are willing to “be there” for children, to look at them, talk to them, listen to them and play with them. They were talking about people who are willing to be leaders in their homes, to model righteous behavior and to correct a child when the need arises.

Think about it. The most important work a parent will do is within the walls of his/her own home. I believe Barbara Bush said it best when she commented “Your success as a family … our success as a nation … depends not on what happens inside the White House, but on what happens inside your house.” Thanks to Tom Dunn, Birdy Gambrel, Barbara Bush and all good parents for the reminders of hope.

Darla Cabe