Let the voters decide


Editor’s note: Steve Wagner has shared this letter that he sent recently to the Shelby County Commissioners.

Dear Julie:

Thank you for taking time with me this morning. I am writing you on my personal letterhead as a Shelby County taxpayer, not as an elected councilman of the city of Sidney.

I was sad to learn of the decision to allow an appeal of the Mike Barhorst election petition law suit by the Board of Elections to go forward despite Judge Stevenson’s ruling. I urge you to reconsider this decision.

This is a waste of the county’s taxpayer money, not to mention the Prosecutor’s Office time that will be devoted to this issue and NOT to other pressing county matters. The judge ruled, thus the voters will decide … that is the way democracy is supposed to work!

You shared with me the reason for the appeal was for clarification so as to prevent the same problem from coming up in future elections. I believe that clarification is the Secretary of State’s problem, and his office should provide the proper interpretation … on his budget, not ours!

So my question remains … why should the taxpayers of Shelby County use our precious local resources to clarify a matter which should be handled at the state level? This is not a prudent use of our LOCAL tax dollars.

You also shared with me that a board member stated that he wanted to see Mike’s name on the ballot but their hands are tied. Well, we are a nation of laws according to our Constitution, not regulations. Judge Stevenson ruled … and THAT’S THE LAW! Let the voters decide!

I shudder to think if this appeal proceeds, what will go through FUTURE candidates’ minds when they see that a candidate has to spend upward of three times the annual compensation he receives for the office in order to run for said office because our local BOE desires “interpretation”?

As I have shared individually with each commissioner, in my 60-plus years of being a Shelby Countian I have never seen the Shelby County Commissioners and Sidney City Council work together at the high level we presently enjoy. It is my wish that this letter not jinx this cooperation. As we all know, when we work together, ALL residents benefit and get the best bang for their buck.


Steve Wagner