‘Be aware! Motorcycles are everywhere!’

To the editor:

Recently I read an article in the Sidney Daily News in “Our view” about motorcycle safety. As most of you know, this is motorcycle season once again, as the weather has warmed up a little.

I have two sons who love to ride their motorcycles all during the warm weather months. They are 52 and 63 years of age and they have ridden motorcycles ever since they were teenagers. They love to take trips together and travel all over the United States, and sometimes into Canada. They raced on the track at Kenworthy in Troy for several years. They take rides on Saturday and Sunday, often, and their wives go with them on those days also. My husband and I had a couple of motorcycles when we were young that we rode, but not to the extent that our sons do.

Our sons always wear their helmet and clothing on their legs and arms in order to prevent serious injury in case an accident should happen. They have all the protective wear such as the helmet (very important), boots, gloves, etcetera, in order to keep their bodies safe.

Once you have ridden a motorcycle for any amount of time, you learn to use caution when you see others on them.

When my sons go on trips, I always pray the whole time that they will get back home safely; not because they are reckless drivers, because they drive very cautiously. I worry because many drivers out there do not look out for them. They are much smaller than the other vehicles, and they are not given the courtesy they deserve, and are not given their full lane on the road. I believe it should be a law that they have to wear a helmet, but it isn’t, and many of them do not wear them. That could save their life if an accident should happen. Please look out for them and keep in mind you need to drive cautiously at all times. We will all thank you, and I am sure my sons would say THANK YOU, and also, all other drivers, whatever vehicle they many be driving.

There’s sign on state Route 47 somewhere between Sidney and Versailles that says,”Be Aware! Motorcycles are Everywhere!” Please heed that caution sign and remember it when you are out driving on the road. Thank you.

Janet Eakins