Be wise in choosing political leaders


To the editor:

In my opinion, what is known as Islamic State, ISIL or Daesh, is nothing more than a satanic cult. As a Christian, I was taught that Satan comes but to steal, kill and destroy. Daesh steals, in effect, the money it takes from rich Wahabists in Saudi Arabia who think they will advance the cause of their particular branch of Islam.

Daesh steals the money from banks, or wherever they can find it when they capture territory. It steals historic treasures to sell them on the international black market. It steals natural resources, such as oil, to fund itself.

Daesh kills without provocation any who they even suspect might stand in their way. The news media is full of examples of their barbarity.

Daesh destroys everything in its path: historical monuments, needed infrastructure for people to survive, and the multi-ethnic societies that had previously existed.

It will take a long time to conquer this foe. Let us all be wise in choosing our leaders to lead this fight.

Larry Grieshop