Military Spouse Appreciation Day celebrated May 12

To the editor:

The Friday before Mother’s Day is recognized by the Department of

Defense as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, as part of national Military Appreciation Month.

It’s a special day set aside to recognize military spouses for the powerful support they provide to

our service members.

For every brave Soldier or Airman, there is an equally brave partner standing next to him or her.

Even though they didn’t enlist in the military, spouses still serve their country. They are the

family’s anchor during military training, deployment, reintegration and reset. They are the

unsung heroes who are essential to the strength of our communities, our state and our nation.

They make untold sacrifices as the wife or husband of a National Guard member, including

being separated from their loved one during times of deployment. In just the past month, the

Families of more than 500 of our Soldiers had to say goodbye at two call to duty ceremonies.

That is in addition to the hundreds of fellow Soldiers and Airmen already deployed around the


The Ohio National Guard Family Readiness and Warrior Support program provides many

resources to help Families meet the challenges and experiences of military life. Please take

advantage of what is available in your unit or wing. The attached flyer lists Army and Air Family

Readiness program office contact information.

We appreciate the strength and determination it takes to be an Ohio National Guard spouse. It

is because of the support from our military spouses, the Ohio National Guard is able to be

“Always Ready, Always There!”

Maj. Gen. Mark E. Bartman

Ohio Adjutant General