A stroke requires urgency

To the editor:

“Beware the Ides of March” (March 15) took on a whole new meaning to me this year.

I had a stroke without warning. The pre-cursors, of which I have none, are high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight, smoking and drinking alcohol. My symptoms were not the norm either. I just knew that one side of my body wasn’t working right.

My husband promptly called 911 and we were off to the emergency room at Wilson. I was one of the lucky ones who arrived within the three to four hour window and qualified for the drug tPA. This has made my recovery a much shorter process. The drug continues to affect recovery up to six months after it is given.

The reason I am writing about my experience is to make people aware of the urgency that a stroke requires. Get to the hospital as soon as it presents itself. Thinking that the feeling in one side of your body will return after you rest for a while can have tragic results. There is a short window of tPA (the magic potion).

I am not in the medical field; I am just sharing my experience. But I was shocked to hear many say there were not aware how important it was to get help at once.

At this time I am back to about 90 percent of where I need to be for a full recovery. I attribute this to the excellent care I received first at Wilson emergency room then at Miami Valley Stroke unit and Upper Valley rehab. I then came full circle back to the Wilson for six weeks of rehab after getting home.

I feel blessed and thankful.

Please check with the American Stroke Association for additional information.

Dorothy Langdon