Writer questions support of governor’s work for water quality


To the editor:

The following Ohio representatives have embarrassed the residents in this state in passing a bill commending Gov. (John) Kasich for his good work (ugh) on water quality issues. Since Gov. Kasich came in office, the toxins in Grand Lake St. Marys have increased 877 percent; frozen ground-legislation has been a disastrous failure; and 40 percent of all Ohio waterways are polluted. These state reps are obviously on Gov. Kasich’s bandwagon to become president and this legislation is nothing more than an effort to hide his true record. Shame on all of you!

Rep. Doug Green (R), Rep. Andrew Brenner (R), Rep. Andy Thompson (R), Rep. Jonathan Dever (R), Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D), Rep. Louis W. Blessing III (R), Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl (R), Rep. Marilyn Slaby (R), Rep. Michael Sheehy (D), Rep. Nickie J. Antonio (D), Rep. Ron Amstutz (R), Rep. Stephen D. Hambley (R), Rep. Terry Boose (R), Rep. Timothy O. Schaffer (R).

Kate Anderson, President

Guardians of Grand Lake St. Marys

St. Marys