Congress needs follow Ohio with tax cuts

To the editor:

Despite a lack of focus from the national media, the people of Ohio are ready to move the conversation back to policy debates. The priority is small business tax cuts.

Ohioans are no stranger to the importance of tax cuts. In our state, over $5 billion in taxes have been cut since 2011 and nearly 500,000 jobs have been created. For the next Ohio budget, Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof said they’re focused on “net tax cuts for the most Ohioans possible.”

Congress needs to follow in Ohio’s footsteps. Since a net two-thirds of new private-sector jobs in this country are created by small businesses, these job creators deserve the relief tax cuts provide. President Trump and other Republicans envision lower rates with fewer loopholes paving the way for small businesses to create more jobs and increase wages.

Jim Burgess

Member, Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee