Vote for Augburger for judge

To the editor:

The upcoming election for judge has this writer concerned about one of the candidates running for the position. In checking each candidate’s resumes one candidate’s background appears to be somewhat suspect, which leaves this writer suspect.

Mr. Weilbacher’s background brings several items into question:

• Mr. Weilbacher’s website shows a Cleveland address;

• Weilbacher agreed to pay on a personal injury suit wherein he injured a security guard. There is no threat of jail in civil suits. This is the perfect opportunity to “fight injustice,”not agree to pay $8,000, and then not honor your agreement. In 2004, collection action for payment of this debt ballooned to $12,804.

• In 2011, Parma Municipal Court, Weilbacher was charged with disorderly conduct for assaulting his neighbor. A warrant was issued for Weilbacher’s arrest and his license was suspended for failure to come to court. He did not turn himself in until 2013. This is the highest level of disrespect you can show the courts.

• In 2014, Mr. Weilbacher applied for the position of Auglaize County administrator. He did not secure the position by staying in Cleveland;

• From public records on April 19, 2017, foreclosure was finalized in Cleveland, as were his credit card defaults of some $29,101.02 and $2,272.81;

• Still pending is a judgment against him for failure to pay for legal services in Cleveland;

• On Oct. 6, 2017, Mr. Weilbacher stated that he wants to fight injustice. It is highly improper and unethical for a judge or a candidate to say he wants to “fight injustice.” Judges are to be fair and impartial without an agenda. Defense attorneys “fight injustice.”

My concerns as a citizen are listed and my question to the voters of the county is: “Does this candidate for judge sound like a leader in our communities?” Absolutely NOT!

Please support Andrew Augburger for judge.

Noel Temple

Saint Marys