Your ViewVote ‘no’ on Issue 3


To the editor:

There has been a multitude of local and statewide organizations urging us in Ohio to vote no on Issue 3, for legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use.

The police have said there are way too many problems already with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Recreational marijuana being allowed will only make that worse. They already have their hands full and now there will be new issues to handle.

Since Colorado has approved recreational marijuana, they have had large increases in traffic deaths, emergency departments and hospitalizations.

Business places are worried about safety with workers under the influence of marijuana. There will have to be more costly testing. Ohio employers are worried what the repercussions of Issue 3 being passed will be on managing their businesses.

With marijuana being made so much more accessible, I am worried as a grandmother, mother and retired teacher about it easily getting into the hands of children and young people. More families are going to be using it and that can make it easier for the children and youth to get into it. Look how often children find guns when they are left lying around in their homes.

With their proposal being as many marijuana stores as there are McDonald’s, plus, the extra marijuana-laced brownies, cookies, etc., there are all kinds of opportunities for young people to get their hands on these products. Marijuana can be addictive and a gateway drug. This all does not lead to a healthy, safe, productive and successful lifestyle for any of us.

The group of Responsible Ohio has millions of dollars to exploit their cause. Their cause is to make millions of dollars for themselves as they start this monopoly of marijuana in Ohio.

It is a mistake to lump medicinal and recreational marijuana together as in Issue 3. Some people are in favor medicinal marijuana, which could be further explored and brought up as a separate issue.

In the SDN, the column by the Lima News stated, “Issue 3 comes to voters with too many flaws and unanswered questions.”

Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into passing this issue. If Issue 3 passes, it will have many serious and unknown repercussions that will not be good for our state of Ohio. That’s you and me and our communities — all of us. I strongly urge you each to go vote Nov. 3, or before, and to vote for what is best for Ohio — vote no on Issue 3.

Mary A. Stahlman