110 students shop at Candy Cane Shoppe

To The Editor:

FISH recently held its annual Candy Cane Shoppe. We had 110 elementary students from Sidney schools shop for gifts for their families. It was quite an event, as some of these students were shopping for up to 10 people. A lot of people assisted us in making this a fun event. We had a family that donated over 80 new children’s toys and games to ensure the shoppers had some nice things to purchase for their brothers and sisters. Some members of the Sidney Education Association give up their free Saturday to help us by assisting the students with selecting gifts or wrapping the gifts they purchased. Our supporters that donated items, both new and gently used for this event. We also had a lot of FISH volunteers and some of their friends that helped in any way possible. Ainsley Wiford, the girl that donated the new bike made a special effort to come in and draw the winning ticket and present the bike to Drew Meadows. This young man was very excited to be the winner and proud of his new bike.

Through this event that we sponsor every year there were some families that enjoyed opening presents this Christmas that may not have been able to so do otherwise. FISH strives to be a positive addition to our community and hopefully this is one way we are able to do this. The joy we saw on these young shopper’s faces when they found that special gift was worth every minute it took to get ready for this day. We also realize this event wouldn’t be a success without the support of our community. We have the best citizens anywhere. We appreciate you and thank you.


Becky Gillman

FISH president