A call for Republican candidate to challenge Jordan

A call for Republican candidate to challenge Jordan

To the editor:

In a political climate in which the two major parties drift further apart, a growing number of people have become disillusioned with the divisive politics and extremist policies that are on the rise on both sides.

I consider myself a centrist. I do not consider myself aligned with either party, but with the 2018 midterms coming up, there is one key thing that would draw me out to vote Republican: a moderate Republican challenger to Jim Jordan.

Throughout his time in office, Jordan has voted against the interests of his constituents. He voted against a stimulus for jobs and infrastructure, voted against improvements to Amtrak, and voted no on assisting workers who lost jobs due to globalization. He has even shown disloyalty against his own party; he criticized GOP attempts at health care reform, called for Attorney General Sessions to resign, and has attacked the integrity of Robert Mueller — veteran, esteemed former FBI Director, and fellow Republican — for investigating an alleged breach of national security.

Can Jim Jordan really be trusted to remain loyal to the interests of the people of his district if he cannot remain loyal to his own party? His own history tells us the answer.

The deadline to submit paperwork to run against Jordan is February 7th. I would support any moderate Republican with civil, political, or military experience who runs against Jim Jordan. Such a candidate may earn my vote in the general election as well.

The political climate is changing, and both parties will need to change in order to keep up. For a moderate to run against Jordan would show a sense of leadership in the Republican Party that people will recognize and appreciate.

Jade Pence


A call for Republican candidate to challenge Jordan