‘No Engine Braking’ signs, laws not the solution

‘No Engine Braking’ signs, laws not the solution

To the editor:

I consider the controversy about engine braking as reported on the front page of this newspaper as bogus.

The developer of Lakewood Estates, and those who bought lots there and built on them, must have been blind, dumb, or just plain stupid. That Interstate highway and Fair Road exit ramp were built long before the first house was put up in that subdivision.

Did the Sidney City Council take up the issue because some of the elite power brokers of the city live in that subdivision?

I disagree with Mr. Asher on the solution. I say let the homeowners association pay to build and maintain one of those noise barrier walls, like the ones that exist near Tipp City and Vandalia.

Laws and signs are not the answer either; we see how that works to control speed. Why should we consider laws and enforcement costs for all the taxpayers to carry for the benefit of the few?

I again offer the advice my wife gives to me when I grump about something I cannot change. “Learn to live with it,” or wait until the electric semi-trucks that Elon Musk has promised the world has come to pass.

Larry Grieshop


‘No Engine Braking’ signs, laws not the solution