Vote No on Issue 3

By Marie Russell

To the editor:

I would like to address Ohio voters for this year.

Be careful! Be careful! how you vote on Issue 3 in November. Marijuana is the beginning of getting involved in drugs. Then they go to the next drug, cocaine, and then heroin, etc. Do you want that to happen to your children or grandchildren?

It makes me shudder to think what our children and grandchildren are confronted with by other kids or adults. Your kids need to know right from wrong and be friends with the right groups.

So, know the facts about issue 3 and vote NO on drugs.

It does not help as a medicine, as quoted by a former state patrolman. Just ask any doctor, nurse, policeman, state patrolman or teacher and they will tell you NOT to legalize marijuana. It will lead to more troubles for them and you. So, vote NO on Issue 3.

We do not need special-picked land owners to have their 10-acre plots to grow this marijuana for the sale of the drug in Ohio.

Please vote NO on Issue 3 and keep marijuana away from our children and grandchildren.

It is very upsetting to me that Gov. Kasich let this happen to our beautiful state of Ohio.

My, oh my…what is coming next for our beautiful America!

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me and you!

Concerned citizen,

Marie Russell


By Marie Russell